Reliable House Cleaning Products

Class "A" Cleaning uses all cotton fiber mops, cob-webbers and cloths for regular cleaning. Micro fiber cloths are used for cleaning of all Flat Screen TV's and Computers. Micro fiber cloths are also used on some furniture. If you have questions about the products we use feel free to ask. If you would like to use part of your cleaning supplies and part of ours that is fine, too. We will also use any natural cleaning products you have and would like us to use or any green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning

Basic H 2 for all the kitchen and bath room cleaning. Germ Off for all of the disinfecting.

Scour Off for all the greasy cleaning in the kitchen.

Nature Bright for bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Will use customers Products or Shaklee Green Clean Products Upon Request.

Products We Use

CODE GREENCleaning of Carpets and Upholstery.
TOUGH DUTYCleaning of Kitchen and Bathroom for Grease and Heavy Dirt.
FOAMY Q & A Cleaning of Built up Soap Scum and Stains.
MURPHY OIL Cleaning of all Woodwork and Cabinets and Hardwood Floors.
COMETCleaning of Sinks and Toilets.
PINECleaning of Counters and Floors.
SPARTANCleaning of Furniture and Wood. (no wax build up)
WINDEXCleaning of Glassware, Glass Surfaces, and Mirrors.
MICRO FIBER CLOTHS Cleaning of Glass, and Furniture, Some Flooring.
FULLER BRUSH All Purpose Degreaser.
AMMONIACleaning of Windows, Tile Floors and some Linoleum.
BLEACHCleaning of Mildewed areas. For Some Heavy Disinfecting.
SCOUR OFFCleaning of Flat Top Stove.
OVEN CLEANER Cleaning of Ovens. (when they are not self cleaning)
VINEGARCleaning of windows, Cleaning of some Laminate Flooring.
S O S SOAP PADS Cleaning of Heavy Burn area On Drip Pans and Stove tops.

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